Royal Doulton is a British brand of ceramics and tableware, known for producing high-quality fine china, figurines, and collectables. The company was founded in 1815 in Lambeth, London, by John Doulton, and initially specialized in making stoneware bottles and sewer pipes.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Royal Doulton became famous for its figurines, which were made by skilled artists and artisans. These figurines were highly collectable and are still sought after by collectors today. Royal Doulton also produced a wide range of fine china tableware, including tea sets, dinnerware, and serving pieces, all of which are known for their elegant designs and high quality.

Over the years, Royal Doulton has collaborated with many famous designers and artists, including Clarice Cliff, Charles Noke, and Peggy Davies. The company has also created many limited edition pieces, which are highly collectable and sought after by collectors around the world.

Today, Royal Doulton is part of the WWRD Holdings Limited group of luxury brands, which also includes Waterford, Wedgwood, and Royal Albert. The company continues to produce fine china and collectables, and its products are sold in high-end department stores and speciality shops around the world.

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